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Lou Barletta Thursday, Jan 27 2022

Lou Barletta Skipping Third Consecutive Debate in PAGov Race?

Jan 27, 2022

This evening is the third debate of the Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial primary, and once again Lou Barletta is expected to skip it.

Instead of making his case to Pennsylvania voters directly about why he deserves the chance to represent them in Harrisburg, Barletta seems likely to decide to yet again focus on his racist “ghost planes” conspiracy and ignore Pennsylvanians altogether.

Here are five questions Lou Barletta needs to answer, should he gather the courage to finally debate his opponents:

  • You oppose President Biden’s agenda, which includes Build Back Better — a bill which would provide free child care for nearly 200,000 additional children in Pennsylvania. Given that you reject that plan, what’s your solution to the problem of cripplingly-high child care costs?
  • You “refuse to speculate” on what an abortion ban would look like in Pennsylvania, only saying that you would enact pro-life legislation. That’s because you know full abortion bans are unpopular in the Commonwealth. So voters deserve a direct yes or no answer — would you sign a Texas-style abortion ban into Pennsylvania law?
  • How do you plan on strengthening Pennsylvania’s public schools when you have supported voucher programs that send millions of dollars in funding from neighborhood public schools into the coffers of private companies?
  • How can Pennsylvanians trust that their votes matter, when you repeatedly lie about the results of the 2020 election?
  • With the news that prosecutors are investigating fake Electoral College certifications like the one you signed, which declared (falsely) that Trump won Pennsylvania, how are you preparing to be investigated by the feds?


Published: Jan 27, 2022 | Last Modified: Jan 31, 2022

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