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News Wednesday, Jun 6 2018

LOCAL VOICES: GOP Senate Candidates Come Under Fire On Their Home Turf

Jun 06, 2018

Here’s what voters in North Dakota, Florida, Missouri, and Nevada are reading in the opinion pages about their Republican Senate candidates:

Bismarck, North Dakota farmer Krisanna Peterson writes: Kevin Cramer Lets Down Farmers

  • “I’m so disappointed that Kevin Cramer, who claims to represent his state’s farming community, is a member of” the right-wing Republican study committee.
  • “Growing up in a third generation farm family” the RSC’s 2019 budget “was downright frightening for me to read.”
  • “The committee proposed a massive cut to the farm bill’s crop insurance program, shifting the costs on to farmers who are already struggling to make a living.”
  • “How can we trust our lone vote in Congress to stand up for farmers when he’s joining up with such a dangerous, ideological committee?”
  • “Cramer already left us in the dust by cheering on a trade war that would harm our ag producers. Now, this looks like the final blow.”

Florida State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith writes: Rick Scott turned his back on Orlando after Pulse. We won’t forget.

  • “Six hundred and twelve days passed between Pulse and Parkland while Gov. Scott did nothing to prevent gun violence.”
  • “The promise to take executive action and protect LGBTQ state workers from discrimination became a broken one.”
  • Scott’s “next budget signing slashed mental health funding statewide by $11 million – $5 million in cuts to Central Florida alone. Taxpayer funds were not made available for the Pulse memorial.”
  • “When the media spotlight faded from Orlando, Rick Scott pushed our community back into the closet and disappeared.”

Kansas City Star Editorial Board: Whether Trump can pardon himself is an ‘open question’? Josh Hawley surely knows better

  • “Yale Law School grad Josh Hawley, who as Missouri Attorney General is the state’s top lawyer, insists that this is an ‘open question’ since ‘courts have not said one way or another. But I get where the president is coming from’ in claiming he certainly does have that power.”
  • “As a legal matter, however, Hawley is not right. If he doesn’t know that better than we do, Yale must be glad he rarely mentions having studied there.”

And a bonus for Dean Heller, who’s more at home in Washington than Nevada, from conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin: Thanks to McConnell, the GOP will have all of August to discuss things they’d rather not

  • “Embattled incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) has turned sycophancy into an art.”
  • “Heller said flat out that when it comes to “dreamers,” he’s President Trump’s rubber stamp.”
  • “‘I won’t vote for anything the president won’t sign. If the president is going to sign it, I’ll support it. Simple as that,’ he said.”
  • “One wonders whether Nevadans want two senators who think for themselves, listen to constituents and live up to their oaths of office.”

Published: Jun 6, 2018

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