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Friday, Jul 21 2017

ALL (LITTLE) HANDS ON DECK: Gillespie Would “Absolutely” Welcome Trump to Campaign With Him

Jul 21, 2017

It’s official. Ed Gillespie has wrapped his arms around Donald Trump saying he “absolutely” would welcome the President to campaign for him in Virginia. Gillespie is desperately trying to win over the most extreme right-wing in his party by cozying up to Donald Trump. It’s what he’s done his whole career: put his party and personal ambition first, and Virginia families last.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie cannot be elected governor because he’d never stand up to Trump. Even as the president campaigns to rip away health care coverage from over half a million Virginians, including 14,500 veterans, Gillespie is laying out the red carpet for him on the campaign trail. Virginians need a governor who will put Virginians first–Gillespie will always put Trump first.”



JOHN FREDERICKS: It’s the middle of the campaign and I do not like to do hypotheticals, but this is a likely scenario. If the president comes to campaign for you. Is that an invitation you would accept or not?

ED GILLESPIE: I would like to take the President, Vice President, Cabinet Secretaries, other governors to our ports and see what we need to do to deepen and widen our channel and to be the biggest port on the East Coast. President has been to coal country. Show him the needs for the Coalfields Expressway. Show him UVA Wise, which is a gem and show him what we are doing there. Take him into the Shenandoah Valley and talk about the agricultural sector and so I would take all the help I can get. This is going to be a very tough and very close race. And uh, in fact when 20% of your GDP is directly affected by federal spending. To have a President who understands the needs of VA and a Vice President and Cabinet Secretary. Uh, that is in the service of the people of VA. So absolutely.

JF: So basically your campaign is all hands on deck.

EG: All hands on deck.

Published: Jul 21, 2017

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