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News Wednesday, Apr 12 2017

Launching Missile Strikes Over Cake And Other Takeaways From Trump's Fox Business Interview

Apr 12, 2017

“This is terrifying.” — Harrell Kirstein, Communications Director For Trump War Room 


Here are five must-watch moments from President Trump’s interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo:

  1. Trump gave final OK on Syria strike over “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you have ever seen.” WATCH 
  1. Trump mistakenly said he sent 59 missiles into Iraq, not Syria. WATCH
  1. Trump doubles down on border adjustment tax, brainstorms other names: “You can call reciprocal or matching tax or a mirror tax there are numerous terms. But the reciprocal tax is very important and you know the funny thing is that nobody gets angry when you say reciprocal tax.” WATCH 
  2. Trumpcare is far from dead, “It’s just a negotiation and it’s going to take a little while longer” WATCH
  1. Trump raises the stakes for 2018:”Now the good thing is we have the House, we have the Senate and we have the White House. So we are all set.” WATCH 

Published: Apr 12, 2017

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