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Thursday, Nov 10 2011

Las Vegas Sun: Heller falsely tells conservative talker that Berkley, DNC spokesman were at Latin Chamber event he snubbed

Nov 10, 2011

On November 10, 2011, the Las Vegas Sun‘s Jon Ralston reported:

Sen. Dean Heller told a conservative radio talker this week that he refused to show up last month to a Latin Chamber roundtable he had arranged because his opponent and a DNC spokesperson were there – and neither is true.

Chatting Thursday with the ever-sympathetic Heidi Harris on the same KDWN program that did so much damage to GOP Senate candidates last cycle, Heller was asked about the Oct. 25 roundtable incident and he replied:

“I had reached out…you know I reach out to all groups and organizations, and I certainly was going to reach out to the Latin Chamber. These are hard-working Americans that I think add value, and I believe fully that they add value to our communities. And unfortunately the Latin Chamber decided that they thought it was more important for my opponent to be present with a camera, a tape recorder, and I didn’t believe that was appropriate for a one-on-one discussion. This wasn’t a luncheon. This was just a one-on-one discussion.”

There is so much wrong there that I don’t know where to start…

Read the full article detailing Heller’s lies here

Published: Nov 10, 2011

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