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Kevin Nicholson Thursday, Feb 17 2022

Kevin Nicholson Scrubs Connection to Employee Who Signed Fake Election Certificate

Feb 17, 2022

Today, reporting broke that the organization created by Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson after he lost his last race, “No Better Friend,” is secretly run by a friend of Nicholson who tried to overturn the 2020 election by signing a fake certificate.

Darryl Carlson, who signed a fake election certificate that would have given Wisconsin’s electoral votes to Donald Trump, was listed as Nicholson’s executive director until just weeks ago, and still lists himself with that job on Linkedin. But after Nicholson officially entered the race, all traces to Carlson were scrubbed from the organization’s website. 

What does Kevin Nicholson have to hide about his other friends and associates?

American Independent: Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate worked with false elector

By: Nick Vachon | February 17, 2022

Key Points:

  • The executive director of Kevin Nicholson’s nonprofit group signed a fake certificate that would have awarded Wisconsin’s electoral votes to Donald Trump in 2020.
  • The executive director of a group founded by Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson was one of the 10 Republican false electors who tried to illegitimately award Wisconsin’s electoral votes to former President Donald Trump after President Joe Biden won the state.
  • Darryl Carlson was listed as recently as Jan. 27 as the executive director of No Better Friend Corp, the conservative advocacy group Nicholson founded in 2019 and led until announcing his campaign for governor, according to an archived version of the group’s website.
  • But at some point between Jan. 27 and Feb. 16, Carlson’s name, image, title, and biography disappeared from No Better Friend Corp’s website. Still, a picture from the group’s ribbon-cutting ceremony showing Carlson standing next to Nicholson in matching polo shirts remains up on the website.
  • It’s unclear why No Better Friend Corp removed Carlson’s information from their website, but the timing coincides with Nicholson’s campaign announcement on Jan. 27. Carlson still identifies himself as No Better Friend’s executive director on his Linkedin and Facebook pages.
  • In the hours after Biden was officially certified as the winner in Wisconsin, Carlson, the Republican Party chair for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District, met with the nine other Wisconsin Republican electors, including then-state party chair Andrew Hitt and Wisconsin Elections Commissioner Bob Spindell, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.
  • In a statement, Hitt said the 10 electors met “to preserve our role in the electoral process while the final outcome is still pending in the courts.” But documents obtained by the legal watchdog group American Oversight last March revealed that the Republican electors in Wisconsin and six other swing states had signed fake electoral certificates that would have awarded their states’ votes to Trump.
  • Carlson’s signature appears on Wisconsin’s false certificate.

Read the full report here.


Published: Feb 17, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 22, 2022

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