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News Thursday, Jun 14 2018

Kevin Cramer and Corey Stewart Courted the Support of an Extreme Anti-LGBT Group

Jun 14, 2018

“The fact that Kevin Cramer and Corey Stewart courted the support of this group is disgraceful,”said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “National Republicans should disavow any candidate that chooses to associate himself with this group and its repugnant views.”

CNN: GOP Senate nominees Kevin Cramer, Corey Stewart sought support of extreme anti-gay group

By Andrew Kaczynski | June 14, 2018

  • “North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer and Virginia’s Corey Stewart, who both won the Republican nomination in their respective states on Tuesday, filled out a ‘Senate Candidate Survey’ for the group Public Advocate of the United States.”
  • “The survey asks eight questions about a candidate’s positions on LGBT issues, including whether a candidate would ‘oppose all efforts to make public restrooms and changing-rooms unsafe through so-called ‘Transgender Bathrooms’ legislation and regulations – which have the effect of encouraging and protecting pedophiles.’
  • “Another question asks if the candidate agrees that public schools should be ‘prevented from brainwashing elementary school children with the Homosexual Agenda – such as California’s current policy speculating widely about the sexual activity of past presidents and figures?’”
  • “Cramer and Stewart answered yes to both questions.”
  • “Both nominees also indicated support for overturning Supreme Court rulings legalizing same-sex marriage, requiring schools to teach there are only two genders and allowing Christian business owners to refuse to participate in same-sex weddings without fear of legal reprisal.”
  • “The group’s founder and chief executive, Eugene Delgaudio, said in February he believes that former President Barack Obama was a ‘child molester’ and that ‘adult homosexuals want to recruit and brainwash children.’
  • The group has been running Google ads in support of Cramer, who is currently in his third term as North Dakota’s lone member in the US House. Delgaudio told CNN in an email exchange that he would not disclose other efforts the group has made online to support Cramer.”

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Published: Jun 14, 2018

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