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Monday, Apr 24 2023

Kentuckians Deserve to Know if Kelly Craft and Ryan Quarles Want to Gut Medicaid

Apr 24, 2023

While Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron made it explicitly clear he wants to follow former Governor Matt Bevin’s plan to gut Medicaid, other GOP candidates, including Kelly Craft and Ryan Quarles, have not said where they stand on the issue.

The changes Cameron wants to make to Medicaid could cost 136,000 Kentuckians their health care and at a price tag of $270 million.

“Every single Republican candidate for governor needs to be explicitly clear if they would follow in former Governor Matt Bevin’s asinine footsteps in trying to gut Medicaid at taxpayers’ expense,” said American Bridge spokesperson Philip Shulman.


  • Kelly Craft: Has not provided an answer

  • Ryan Quarles: Has not provided an answer

  • Daniel CameronWants to add a work requirement to receive Medicaid

  • Mike HarmonOpen to adding a work requirement to receive Medicaid

  • Alan KeckOpen to adding a work requirement to receive Medicaid

Additional Background:

  • A report found 97% of Kentucky adult Medicaid recipients were already meeting work requirements. However,

  • A policy report found that Kentuckians enrolled in Medicaid, especially low-income beneficiaries, lacked information about a work requirement and the current requirements.

  • In Arkansas, new work requirements made coverage more difficult and confusing for low-income beneficiaries, resulting in people being removed from coverage despite having eligibility.

  • A report found that Medicaid work requirements were poorly designed and resourced, unlikely to help people find work or become healthier, and failed to meaningfully address employment barriers.

Published: Apr 24, 2023 | Last Modified: Apr 28, 2023

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