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Friday, Jan 8 2016

Kelly Ayotte AGAIN Unwilling To Attack Trump

Jan 08, 2016


BuzzFeed gave Senator Kelly Ayotte another chance to condemn Donald Trump’s campaign today. She refused. Again.

Fighting for her political life in her re-election campaign, it would make sense for Kelly Ayotte to get as far away as possible from Donald Trump’s bombastic demagoguery. She’s had more opportunities to condemn Donald Trump and distance herself from him than perhaps any other Republican senator up for re-election. Instead she continues to evade saying she won’t support him.

Senator Kelly Ayotte is more concerned with staying in Washington than denouncing divisive and racist policies.


Unwilling to Attack Donald Trump


BuzzFeed: “When Asked Once Again If She Would Support GOP Nominee Trump, Ayotte Continued To Hedge.” According to BuzzFeed, “When asked once again if she would support GOP nominee Trump, Ayotte continued to hedge. ‘We’re a long way from a decision on who’s going to get this nomination. Feb 9 is going to be an important day in New Hampshire. I’m going to see how that plays out,’ she said in the interview. Pressed again, Ayotte responded: ‘I’m just watching this primary play out. And I’m going to listen to the voice of the people of New Hampshire.’” [BuzzFeed, 1/7/16]


AUDIO: June 2015: Ayotte Said Donald Trump’s Candidacy For President Was “A Positive Thing.” According to BuzzFeed, “Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire said Tuesday that Donald Trump running for president is ‘a positive thing’ because it gives people more choices. ‘Well I think I said before, anyone has a chance to win in New Hampshire,’ Ayotte told Boston Herald radio on Tuesday morning when asked about his chances to win the Granite State. ‘The thing about the Republican field right now is it’s obviously a very broad field and it’s got a lot of depth. So I think the more individuals that get in so that the people of New Hampshire and the country have a choice, I think that’s a positive thing.’” [BuzzFeed, 6/17/15; Boston Herald Drive, 6/16/15]

Ayotte “Declined To Criticize Trump Directly” On His Call To Ban Muslims From Entering The U.S.

Ayotte Said She Disagreed With Donald Trump’s Call To Ban Muslims From Entering The Country: “I Do Not Believe That There Should Be A Religious Test In Terms Of How We Decide Who’s Coming To Our Country.”According to NHPR, “New Hampshire’s top Republican elected official Senator Kelly Ayotte says she disagrees with GOP candidate Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the country. ‘I do not believe that there should be a religious test in terms of how we decide who’s coming to our country. There needs to be a factual, risk-based assessment. We’ve not had a religious test for this and that certainly seems inconsistent with the First Amendment to me.’” [NHPR, 12/9/15]

Ayotte “Declined To Criticize Trump Directly” On His Call To Ban Muslims. According to the Associated Press, “New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she opposes any ‘religious-based test for our immigration standards,’ but she declined to criticize Trump directly when pressed by reporters.” [Associated Press, 12/9/15]

December 2015: Ayotte Said She Would Not Rule Out Supporting Trump If He Received The Nomination

Ayotte Would Not Rule Out Supporting Trump If He Received The Republican Presidential Nomination. According to NHPR, “But when asked whether she would support Trump if he wins the Republican nomination, Ayotte wouldn’t rule it out. ‘Well, at this point, we’re going to let the people of New Hampshire sort this out. I’ll support the Republican nominee.’” [NHPR, 12/9/15]

Published: Jan 8, 2016 | Last Modified: Jan 18, 2024

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