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News Friday, Oct 9 2015

Kasich: "You're Gonna Have To Get Over" Lower Social Security Benefits

Oct 09, 2015

If you’re concerned about your Social Security benefits, John Kasich has a message for you: “Get over it.”


Talking to a voter on New Hampshire’s NH1 News Network, Kasich said that if he’s elected, people would have to just accept cuts to their earned benefits. To make matter worse, when an audience member expressed legitimate concerns over his callous position, Kasich, being Kasich, just laughed:


“Now, what if I told your initial [Social Security] benefit was going to be lower, to try to save the program? Would that drive you crazy? Oh, it would upset you?” 


“OK, well, you’d get over it. And you’re gonna have to get over it.”


Watch the video here:


Published: Oct 9, 2015

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