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Josh Mandel Environment Saturday, Jan 1 2011

Josh Mandel On The Environment

Jan 01, 2011

2009: Mandel Voted Against Requiring Buildings Constructed With State Money To Adhere To Energy Efficiency Standards. In 2009, Mandel voted against HB 7, “to require a building or structure constructed using state capital budget moneys to adhere to certain energy efficiency and building standards.” The bill passed 55-43. [H.B. 7, 12/16/09]

2009: Mandel Voted Against Establishing A Renewable Energy Schools Pilot Program. In 2009, Mandel voted against HB 113, “to establish a two-tiered, three-year renewable energy schools pilot program that creates a process for schools to obtain a supply of electricity generated from renewable energy resources.” According to the Toledo Business Journal, “The bill received broad support from solar energy companies, renew-able energy advocacy organizations, and workforce training programs.” The bill passed 91-5. [H.B. 113, 12/17/09; Toledo Business Journal, 7/2009]

2009: Mandel Co-Sponsored Creating The Oil And Gas Leasing Board. In 2009, Mandel co-sponsored HB 107, “to create the Oil and Gas Leasing Board and to establish a procedure by which the Board may enter into leases for oil and gas production on land owned or under the control of a state agency for the purpose of providing funding for capital and operating costs for the agency.” [H.B. 107, 3/30/09]

2008: Mandel Co-Sponsored Legislation To Make Coal Mining And Reclamation Permits Quicker To Obtain. In 2008, Rep. Mandel co-sponsored SB 386, “to provide for the timely issuance of coal mining and reclamation permits.” The bill passed the House and was signed into law on January 6, 2009. [S.B. 386, 12/17/08]

Published: Jan 1, 2011 | Last Modified: Apr 21, 2021

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