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Wednesday, Jun 9 2021

Johnson, Rubio Vote to Make China Great Again

Jun 09, 2021

Senate Republicans Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio sided with China over America’s working families by opposing the bipartisan U.S Innovation and Competition Act. The legislation will make a “once-in-a-generation investment” in research and advanced manufacturing to enhance the development of vital technologies and win the jobs future. By boosting U.S. innovation and manufacturing, America can hold China accountable, strengthen critical industries, and prepare workers for the next generation of 21st-century American jobs. 

“After voting against the American Rescue Plan in March, which sent $1,400 relief checks to hundreds of millions of Americans and has been a lifeline for small businesses, it comes as no surprise that Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio once again have sided against American workers,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Max Steele. “By opposing the bipartisan U.S Innovation and Competition Act, Johnson and Rubio have made it clear they’d rather stand with China than work across the aisle to help American workers get ahead. Voters in Wisconsin and Florida will hold them accountable for this dereliction of duty”

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act will help America maintain its role as a global leader and innovator in the race to win the 21st century. When combined with the American Jobs Plan, it will level the playing field for U.S. manufacturers and workers.

  • The bill will empower industries to invest and develop vital technologies, like artificial intelligence, computer chips, and lithium batteries for electric vehicles.
  • It holds China accountable for stealing U.S. intellectual property and launching cyber attacks on U.S. firms.
  • The act will put $120 billion towards scientific research and technological education and training and $52 billion to fund semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing initiatives.
  • Finally, the bill helps the U.S. better compete with China and counteracts the country’s attempts for economic dominance and global hegemony.

In April, before he was against the bipartisan bill, Rubio told reporters, “If we can’t agree on a bill regarding China, we should probably close this place.”

Published: Jun 9, 2021

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