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Ron Johnson Monday, Mar 7 2022

Johnson Calls Plan To Raise Taxes And Cut Social Security “A Positive Thing”

Mar 07, 2022

Today, during a Breitbart News Daily interviewWisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson agreed with “most of” NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s 11 point plan to raise taxes on half of all Americans, while also cutting Social Security and Medicare, calling it “a positive thing.”


According to the Associated Press, Scott’s “11-point plan [would] would impose a modest tax increase for many of the lowest paid Americans, while opening the door for cutting Social Security and Medicare.” Already, the new Republican agenda has put GOP candidates in tight positions, especially in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida, and highlighted the “growing civil war” within the GOP. 

Scott’s plan is facing fierce backlash and Johnson — who last month told Wisconsin workers he “wouldn’t insert [him]self” to fight for jobs in his own hometown and was caught complaining that he’s “only doubled” his wealth as a U.S. Senator — will now have to explain to voters why he thinks we should raise taxes on seniors and sunset entitlement programs millions of Wisconsinites rely on. 


Published: Mar 7, 2022 | Last Modified: Mar 10, 2022

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