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News Gun Safety Friday, Nov 4 2016

Joe Heck Sold Out To The Gun Lobby And It's Costing Him Big League (New Audio)

Nov 04, 2016

According to Public Policy Polling, Joe Heck’s opposition to prohibiting terror suspects from purchasing firearms, as well as his opposition to background check legislation, is costing the congressman major support in Nevada. Heck won’t abandon these unpopular positions, however, because the gun lobby is pumping big dollars into his campaign (voters don’t like that either.)


(Full polling memo from PPP here)

The NRA is propping up Heck with a major investment:
And they know what they’re getting in return.

Days after this infusion of cash, Heck visited the NRA-ILA in Reno and thanked the NRA for opposing Nevada’s popular Question 1.

Heck is putting his own electoral prospects ahead of the will of Nevada voters. There is no reason to believe he’d abandon his special interests donors in the United States Senate.

Published: Nov 4, 2016

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