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News Thursday, Aug 20 2015

Jeb To Become His "Own Man" At George W., Dad-Hosted "Jeb Celebration"

Aug 20, 2015

Getting “Trumped” in the polls, Jeb “my own man” Bush is calling his big bro and dad off the bench to help rescue his flailing campaign. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bush 41 and 43 will host a fundraiser for Jeb this fall, called — we couldn’t make this up — the “Jeb Celebration.” (At least he didn’t call it the Bush Celebration?)

Is there a clause that says that when half your money comes from legacy donors your family has to attend events for you? After getting terrible press for his revisionist Iraq War history, you’d think his advisers would know better… except that 19 of 21 of them also worked for his father or brother’s administrations.

One thing seems clear: W.’s little brother, Jeb, is just another Bush.

Wall Street Journal: Jeb Bush to Hold Fundraiser with Father, Brother

Published: Aug 20, 2015

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