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Press Releases Daniel Cameron Thursday, Oct 12 2023

Is Daniel Cameron Flip-Flopping on His Plan to Gut Medicaid?

Oct 12, 2023

Cameron, who previously said he would pursue gutting Medicaid on “Day One,” didn’t mention his plan when asked about his priorities for the first 100 days.

In a gubernatorial campaign that has been defined by Daniel Cameron’s constant flip-flops on his support of the state’s near-total abortion ban, it would seem the Kentucky GOP nominee is now flip-flopping on his plan to gut Medicaid.

As if things weren’t going badly enough for Cameron.

At a Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Forum, Cameron, who in April said he would prioritize gutting Medicaid on “Day One,” did not mention this as a priority for his first 100 days in office.

Previously, in another April interview, when pressed that his plan to gut Medicaid sounded “very similar to something Governor Matt Bevin tried,” Cameron said, “Well, absolutely.” If Cameron was able to enact his Bevin-style plan to gut Medicaid, more than 95,000 Kentuckians could lose their health care and the plan itself would cost the Commonwealth more than $270 million.

“Where Daniel Cameron stands on the most important issues facing Kentuckians is clearly based on who he is talking to at that point in time,” said American Bridge Spokesperson Philip Shulman. “Kentuckians know they can’t trust Daniel Cameron to be honest with them, which is why he’ll lose in November.”

Published: Oct 12, 2023 | Last Modified: Nov 1, 2023

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