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News Monday, Mar 9 2015

Iowa Ag Summit Shines Light on Glaring Flaws in GOP Field

Mar 09, 2015

The Republican field had a chance to stand out at this weekend’s Iowa Ag Summit, but instead displayed the same political skill that cost them the Presidency in 2012. Scott Walker focused on promoting his extreme positions, Jeb Bush ran a failed play from Mitt Romney’s playbook, and the #GOPRebrand hit new lows as Rick Perry compared immigrants to tracking UPS packages and Rick Santorum repeated his opposition to legal immigration.

Rick Perry

Compares Immigrants to UPS Packages  

Mike Huckabee

Says Immigrants Come “Because They’ve Heard There’s A Bowl of Food Just Across the Border”

Rick Santorum

Opposes LEGAL Immigration

Scott Walker

Opposing the Wind PTC
Forgetting Norman Borlaug’s Name
Doubling Down on His Extreme Position on Immigration  

Jeb Bush

Opposing the Wind PTC
Opposing the RFS

Ted Cruz

Denies Climate Change

Published: Mar 9, 2015

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