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Thursday, Sep 17 2020

“In Their Own Words” AZ Legislators on Reproductive Rights

Sep 17, 2020

American Bridge 21st Century released a second “In Their Own Words” blog to remind voters of the extreme anti-choice views of Republican candidates running for Arizona Legislature. To read the first “In Their Own Words” on the Arizona GOP’s opposition to gun safety laws, click here

Rep. Walt Blackman, LD-6: 

  • “So if you want to spout ‘my body, my choice’ the consequence is you need to spend some time in our Arizona penal system.” (8/25/20, LINK
  • “I’m coming after Planned Parenthood, and I’m coming after abortionists, and I am going to end abortion in Arizona.”  (7/17/20, LINK)
  • “One guy dies a couple months ago, while committing a crime, George Floyd, and you’re up in arms about that guy? What about the 3,000 babies aborted every single day in this country? I don’t see you walking around, protesting… All I see you doing is increasing the death factories and making sure that Planned Parenthood has enough bodies to go through.” (7/17/20, LINK)

Wendy Rogers, running in LD-6: 

  • “It is past time to end abortion in Arizona. It needs to be abolished. If we don’t end abortion, the blood of these precious children will be on our hands.” (6/14/20, LINK)
  • “I am 100 percent pro-life… The callousness that our county has for life is very disturbing. I have visited Auschwitz twice, maybe three times? Three times. I have visited the killing fields in Cambodia. This is what happens to a country when the callousness for life erodes to that depth.” (05/21/18, LINK)
  • “If Trump gets his way and Judge Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court and tries to overturn Roe vs. Wade, are you for that? I said yes. Then she expected me to say something more to equivocate or obfuscate or something. I didn’t scath, I just stayed silent, and then she said what did I consider life? I said life begins at conception, and then she didn’t say anything.” (08/06/18, LINK)

Rep. Anthony Kern, LD-20:

  • “If we turn blue… you’re talking infanticide, you’re talking tax-payer funded abortions, you’re talking everything imaginable. You’re talking sex education for kindergartners, and I’m not talking just how to put a condom on a banana, I’m talking about, you look up on a computer anything you can find on that computer they want to teach that to kindergartners. It’s grotesque out there in the real world.” (11/14/19, LINK)

Published: Sep 17, 2020

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