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In OHSEN, Cruz and Noem Endorsed… And Their Candidates Tanked Image

GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Donald Trump Kristi Noem Ted Cruz Wednesday, May 4 2022

In OHSEN, Cruz and Noem Endorsed… And Their Candidates Tanked

May 04, 2022

GOP Civil War Continues Apace in Ohio Senate Race

Yesterday, 2024 presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Kristi Noem were embarrassed when each of their handpicked candidates, Josh Mandel and Jane Timken, lost the Ohio Republican U.S. Senate primary — proving once more the two have a long way to go in their bid to loosen Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican Party

So far this cycle, Trump has put out a string of endorsements in heated Republican primaries, in an attempt to solidify his kingmaker status and punish those who betrayed him. However, across the country in key battleground states, potential 2024 presidential primary opponents have endorsed candidates of their own who are now locked in ugly, contentious 2022 primaries with Trump-backed contenders. 

While Trump may have bested Cruz and Noem this round, he will face off against them and other 2024 presidential hopefuls — including those that served in his own cabinet — later this year in places like:

  • Pennsylvania, where Cruz and Mike Pompeo have endorsed hedge fund CEO David McCormick, while Trump has endorsed New Jersey resident Mehmet Oz.
  • Georgia, where Trump-backed David Perdue is losing in the polls to Gov. Brian Kemp, who is reportedly receiving help behind the scenes from advisers to former Vice President Mike Pence. 
  • South Carolina, where Trump and Nikki Haley, are on opposing sides in a GOP congressional primary between Katie Arrington and Rep. Nancy Mace.


Published: May 4, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 26, 2022

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