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News Friday, May 1 2015

"Impressive Record of Public Whining"

May 01, 2015

Peter Schweizer claims he wrote Clinton Cash as “bipartisan citizen action” in the preface, but he has a history of making personal and erroneous attacks on the Clintons. In 2008, Schweizer released Makers and Takers, where he targeted Hillary Clinton, saying she had an “impressive record of public whining.” He also said that the political couple was not charitable enough and that they were preoccupied with material things.” Don’t be fooled by his fake call for “government accountability,” Schweizer is only interested in furthering his extreme conservative agenda.

Here’s more of Schweizer’s personal attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton:

Peter Schweizer: Bipartisan

In Intro to Clinton Cash, Schweizer Claimed New Global Role of Clintons Were Cause to Abandon Previously “Bipartisan” Attacks On Other Republicans.  “Given my previous focus on bipartisan self-dealing and corruption, why am I now focused on one couple?  Do I simply have it in for Bill and Hillary?  AM I somehow trying to derail her prospects of being elected in 2016?  The answer is pretty straightforward: the global dealings of this political couple deserve bipartisan citizen attention as much as congressional insider trading or campaign contribution extortion did.  No one has even come close in recent years to enriching themselves on the scale of the Clintons while they or a spouse continued to serve in public office.  The ability of any other ex-politician, whether a former president, senator, or congressman, Republican or Democrat, to accumulate such large amounts of money in such a short period of time in unmatched.  It’s not even close.  [Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer, 2015]

In 2008, Schweizer Wrote A Book Filled With Personal Attacks On Hillary and Bill ClintonCalled: Makers and Takers: Why Conservatives Work Harder, Feel Happier, Have Closer Families, Take Fewer Drugs, Give More Generously, Value Honesty More, Are Less Materialistic And Envious, Whine Less … And Even Hug Their Children More Than Liberals

Schweizer’s Attacks On Hillary Clinton 

Schweizer Attacked Hillary Clinton For Focusing On Economic Inequality

Schweizer Said That Hillary Clinton’s And Other Liberals’ Focus On Income Inequality Meant They Were Obsessed With Money And “Preoccupied With Material Things.” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “The left’s obsession with the money is compounded by the fact that they measure equality in largely economic terms. When the New York Times produces statistics which demonstrate that the income gap is widening, the left is quick to declare this a bad thing. John Edwards has said that because of income inequality, ‘It’s hard to call it the American dream’ anymore. Hillary Clinton has explained that we are ‘in the era of the Robber Barons.’ Economic equality is seen by many on the left as essential to political and legal equality. What this means of course is that modern liberalism is preoccupied with material things as the measure of equality.”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer Attacked Hillary Clinton for Having “Impressive Record Of Public Whining.”

Schweizer Attacked Clinton For An “Impressive Record Of Public Whining.” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “President Clintonwas not alone in his complain-a-thon. First Lady Hillary Clinton amassed a similarly impressive record of public whining while in Washington. First she griped that the American people ‘expect so much from the woman who is married to the president.’ When she was criticized for being too involved with policy, she whined that she would have to ‘put a bag’ over her head to satisfy her critics. [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer

Schweizer Attacked Hillary And Bill Clinton’s Donations to Charity

Schweizer Attacked Bill And Hillary Clinton For Not Being Charitable Enough. According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have also proven to be more charitable than their liberal critics. Back in 1991, when Bush was a private citizen, he had a reported income of $179,591 and donated an enormous $28,236 to charity. (That same year Bill and Hillary Clinton made almost twice as much but contributed the same amount.)”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer Said Liberals Were “Stingy And Frequently Unwilling To Help Those Less Fortunate. Conservatives, In Contrast, Tend To Be More Giving And Helpful In Practice.” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers,“Liberals are often, like Dr. [Samuel] Johnson’s acquaintance, ‘friends of goodness,’ loudly proclaiming their commitment to social justice while in practice being stingy and frequently unwilling to help those less fortunate. Conservatives, in contrast, tend to be more giving and helpful in practice.”   [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer Attacked Hillary Clinton’s Speech On “A New Politics of Meaning”

Schweizer Attacked A Hillary Clinton Speech That Sought A “New Politics Of Meaning” And Said That Most Conservatives “Find The Sense Of Meaning Hillary Seems To Lack In Their Religious Faith.”  According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “The tendency for liberals to focus on themselves extends to the way they look at life as a quest for personal meaning and fulfillment. In a now-famous speech at the University of Texas in 1993, Hillary Clinton wondered out loud about ‘the crisis of meaning’ that she perceived was ailing our society: ‘What do our governmental institutions mean? What do our lives in today’s world mean? … What do all of our institutions mean? What does it mean to be educated? What does it mean to be a journalist? What does it mean in today’s world to pursue not only vocations, to be part of institutions, but to be human?’ In the face of this vacuum of meaning that she and other liberals experience, she called for a ‘new politics of meaning’ that would answer life’s great questions and make us all good citizens, spouses, and parents. Most conservatives, however, have no need of a new redemptive vision of politics to fill their lives with meaning, Many find the sense of meaning Hillary seems to lack in their religious faith or by adhering to a moral code that is outside of and superior to themselves. In contrast, liberalism has turned its adherents away from the search for larger truths and exhorts them to find the meaning of life within themselves.”   [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer Attacked Hillary Clinton For Her “Moment of Sensitivity”

Schweizer Recounted A Story About Hillary In College Having A “Moment Of Sensitivity” That “Liberals Often Boast About.” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “Political liberals often boast about these moments of sensitivity, such as the first time they saw a child in poverty and committed their lives to fighting injustice. Sometimes the epiphany doesn’t even have to involve other people. In her autobiography, Hillary Clinton recalled her first semester at Wellesley. There had been a heavy snowfall and a fellow student came running up to her in a panic. Together they went out into the cold and began shaking the snow off of tree limbs in order to save them. ‘It was then I knew that was where I belonged,’ she explained.”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer Attacked Hillary Clinton’s Advice on Raising Children, Said Liberals Wanted Control Over Other People’s Children 

Schweizer: “As Any Parent Knows, Raising Children Is Hard Work. It Requires Emotional Commitment, Selfless Acts, Large Quantities Of Time, And Scads Of Money. Many Liberals Just Don’t Want The Inconvenience.” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “As any parent knows, raising children is hard work. It requires emotional commitment, selfless acts, large quantities of time, and scads of money. Many liberals just don’t want the inconvenience.”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer: “Liberals Who Express Little Interest In Having Children Of Their Own Want Control Over How Other Peoples’ Children Are Raised. As Hillary Clinton Once Told Newsweek, ‘There Is No Such Thing As Other People’s Children.’” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “The last comment is a joke, of course, but it highlights a disturbing reality: Liberals who express little interest in having children of their own want control over how other peoples’ children are raised. As Hillary Clinton once told Newsweek, ‘There is no such thing as other people’s children.’”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer’s Attacks On Bill Clinton

Schweizer Attacked Bill Clinton for Being Self-Obssessed

Schweizer Said That Ronald Reagan Was Humble, Whereas “In Contrast” Bill Clinton Was “Self-Absorbed,” As Evidenced By His Speeches “About What He Accomplished As President.” According to Peter Schweizer’sMakers and Takers, “Ronald Reagan kept a plaque on his Oval Office desk that read: ‘There is no limit to what a man can do, if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.’ Reagan often reflected this attitude. After he left the White House, the economy was strong, the Cold War was won, and national pride had been restored. Dismissive of praise, he headed quietly back to California. ‘I’m not a great man,’ he would say. ‘I just believe in great ideas.’ In contrast, Bill Clinton has spent his post-White House years giving speeches about what he accomplished as president. Even his closest friends recognize that he is obsessed with his favorite subject – himself. In an in-depth profile ofClinton in the usually friendlyVanity Fair, veteran journalist Robert Sam Anson explained the frustrations of his friends. ‘He just talks. You don’t really have a conversation with him…. He is just self-absorbed. Totally.’ According to Anson, Clinton has ‘a hankering for attention that makes him a joke even to admirers.’ His 957-page memoir My Life  has been called one of the most ‘self-absorbed’ pieces of literature in American History.”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Schweizer: “Clinton May Seem To Be An Easy Target. But He Is Not Alone. He Is In Fact A Perfect Reflection Of Contemporary Liberalism And Its Obsession With Self, Individual Freedom, Personal Growth, And ‘Doing What Feels Good.’” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “[Bill] Clinton may seem to be an easy target. But he is not alone. He is in fact a perfect reflection of contemporary liberalism and its obsession with self, individual freedom, personal growth, and ‘doing what feels good.’ One of the central aims of modern liberalism is avoiding commitment and responsibilities by outsourcing them to the government.”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer, 2008]

Schweizer Attacked Bill Clinton for Jogging Instead of Having “Worked Hard” On Vacations

Schweizer Said Conservative Presidents Like Reagan And Bush 43 “Worked Hard” In Their Leisure Time, While Clinton And The Liberals Preferred “Playing” Like “Jogging.” According to Peter Schweizer’s Makers and Takers, “These markedly different attitudes are highlighted when you compare the nonofficial activities of our recent political leaders. How have Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, and George W. Bush used their leisure time? Ronald Regan famously worked hard at his ranch – fixing fences, tending to his horses, clearing brush. The stone patio in front of his ranch home was built by Reagan himself, and when the home needed reroofing, he did it with his own hands. He proudly showed off his handiwork to visitors like Mikhail Gorbachev. Likewise, George W. Bush has spent considerable time in Crawford, Texas, clearing brush, blazing trails, and repairing the barn. Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Al Gore prefer to use their leisure time playing – jogging, socializing, shopping, sailing, skiing, and the like.”  [Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer,  2008]

Published: May 1, 2015

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