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Thursday, Aug 7 2014

Illinois Loves Rich Guys With Tax Shelters, Right?

Aug 07, 2014

A political candidate worth hundreds of millions of dollars is coming under fire for channeling part of his fortune to the Cayman Islands, a notorious shelter for folks trying to avoid paying American taxes. What’s more, he still won’t release his tax returns, and although he touts his business career as the core of his candidacy, his dishonest budget plan is billions of dollars away from adding up.

We’re talking about Mitt Romney Bruce Rauner, of course. Romney’s tricks certainly didn’t fool Illinois in 2012, and Rauner’s re-creation of them won’t fare any better. Rauner has joked that he’s not even in the 1 percent, but rather the 0.1 percent, and his net worth is reportedly almost $1 billion, but he still apparently feels that paying his American taxes would be an unfair burden. So being the everyman he is, he just hides it in his Cayman Island tax shelter, as anyone would.

Watch the local press dog Romney Rauner for his unsavory practices:


Published: Aug 7, 2014

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