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Friday, Sep 9 2016

If Pence Can Do It, Why Can't Trump?

Sep 09, 2016

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence just released his tax returns. But Donald Trump still won’t. Let that sink in for a minute. Trump asked his own running mate to release his taxes, allowing for the extremely necessary vetting and scrutiny of the American people while he will likely never do the same.

This attempt by Trump’s campaign to placate the American people is insulting and ridiculous.

Over the years, Trump’s schemed and dealt with more than his share of shady characters. His returns could show connections to Russia and other unfriendly countries, or that the business success he’s based his entire campaign on isn’t nearly what it seems. Or the returns could show, as many have come to believe, that Trump gives little to charity, despite claiming he donates millions.

Trump’s excuse of being “under audit” is just that: an excuse. Even Richard Nixon proved himself to be more transparent than Donald Trump. A candidate for president not releasing their tax returns isn’t only unprecedented — it should be disqualifying.

Trump claims that voters don’t care about his staunch refusal to be honest with the American people. But it turns out he’s wrong about that, too: 74% of likely voters — including 62% of Republican votersdo want to see Trump’s returns, and believe, quite correctly, that they have every right to see what he’s so intent on hiding.


P.S. Where are the full medical records Trump promised to release earlier this week?  

Published: Sep 9, 2016

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