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ICYMI: Trump Plans to Let Women & Physicians Suffer in His Post-Roe America

Apr 08, 2024

In an early morning social media post, Donald Trump took credit for overturning Roe v. Wade and confirmed his plans to allow states to erode reproductive health rights if he returns to the White House next year. Trump, who floated a national ban several times early in 2024, passed the buck for further curtailing abortion rights to many of the very states already touting draconian abortion laws.

Thanks to Trump, the legal landscape for reproductive health care procedures throughout the country is fragmented, chaotic, and dangerous for many simply seeking care. In Texas, Kate Cox made national news when she left the state for life-saving abortion care after unsuccessfully seeking a legal remedy to access medical care. In Alabama, an aggressively anti-abortion law put IVF procedures in peril statewide after several organizations paused family planning procedures altogether in fear of violating the law. In Florida, a six-week abortion ban is set to become law next month.

“Millions of people woke up this morning excited to see a rare solar eclipse cast temporary darkness across the country – not Trump promising permanent dark days ahead for their reproductive health rights. Trump won’t stand in the way of state-level abortion bans or any further restrictions on reproductive health in a second term. Trump’s hardline anti-abortion allies like the National Right to Life, whose endorsements he touted publicly, can rest assured that a Trump victory will enable state legislatures to completely run over the rights of millions. In November, voters will send Trump the same message they sent to anti-abortion candidates in 2020, 2022, and 2023,” said American Bridge 21st Century Presidential Campaigns Communications Director, Brandon Weathersby. 

Published: Apr 8, 2024

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