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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Donald Trump Nikki Haley Monday, Apr 18 2022

ICYMI: Nikki Haley cites age as reason Trump shouldn’t run

Apr 18, 2022

In a recent interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling, Nikki Haley was asked about her potential 2024 opponent Donald Trump – who has already declared that he will be pursuing another presidential run- and suggested “there should be an age limit” – insinuating that he would be too old to run for president. 

Bolling asked Haley about a recent Washington Post interview where Trump commented on how his health would factor into a 2024 run. Trump said: “You always have to talk about health. You look like you’re in good health, but tomorrow, you get a letter from a doctor saying come see me again. That’s not good when they use the word again.”  

In response, Haley said: “I don’t know that he’s decided yet, but I think if he wants to run he certainly will. I can tell you he’ll be more responsible than Joe Biden where Joe Biden clearly not up to par. I heard your monologue and I’ll say term limits, term limits, term limits, and yes there should be an age limit but I think you know President Trump’s very conscious of that. I don’t think he’s gonna want to see that same thing repeat itself. I think he also knows that he’s gotta decide if he’s really ready to put himself back in there.” 



Published: Apr 18, 2022 | Last Modified: Apr 21, 2022

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