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AB Leadership Press Releases George Santos Tom Perez Tuesday, Jan 17 2023

ICYMI – MSNBC: AB21 Co-Chair Sec. Tom Perez on George Santos’s Lies

Jan 17, 2023

Over the weekend, American Bridge Co-Chair and former chair of the DNC, Sec. Tom Perez, joined Alicia Menendez on MSNBC’s American Voices to discuss George Santos’s lies and potential criminal liability. American Bridge 21st Century filed a complaint against Santos with the Office of Congressional Ethics — alleging that Santos falsified his disclosure reports.

As reported by the New York Post and CNN, Republican NY-03 Rep. George Santos “has been slapped with an ethics complaint over his shoddy reporting and shady finances” — just after his swearing into office.


“I don’t think they should wait for that – being a member of Congress is a public trust and he’s violated that public trust. The list of lies on his resume are longer than a CVS receipt,” said American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Sec. Tom Perez. “And it’s been very clear he’s going to be indicted. As a former prosecutor, I look at this and I see so many areas where he has criminal liability. But more importantly and more basically, he’s just lost the public trust and he shouldn’t be there.”

Published: Jan 17, 2023

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