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Friday, May 26 2023

ICYMI: AB21 President Pat Dennis on The Julie Mason Show to Talk Trump and DeSantis

May 26, 2023

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century President Pat Dennis joined SiriusXM’s The Julie Mason Show to discuss Ron DeSantis’ failed presidential campaign launch, Donald Trump’s candidacy, and what American Bridge is doing to hold Republicans accountable.


Key Quotes: 

  • “[DeSantis’ policies are] not popular with people broadly. And they’re paired with, you know, a record of failure. If you look at real estate prices under DeSantis, it is very difficult to buy a home in Florida. If you look at insurance prices, just a complete failure to address that issue. If you look at the education system, you know, all these things. It’s a real tough record to run on and he hasn’t really had to defend that. And I think if he ever does make it on a true national stage, he’ll, he’ll run into a lot of trouble.”
  • “I think people are scared by the fact that [Donald Trump’s] base is basically unshakeable — and that is true — and it is alarming, but really the guy is just not popular and, you know, we’ve been working at American Bridge to show how terrible of a president he was for years and years at this point. And really, outside of the sort of fever swamps of, you know, Fox News and the right-wing media, Donald Trump is toxic, completely toxic. And it’s our goal to make sure we keep him that way.”
  • “And ultimately, we’re going to have to rely on the fact that the American people saw what happened when [Trump] was president that he met a real challenge with COVID and utterly dropped the ball.”
  • “I think it’s very important that we have been seeing in the last few weeks, Donald Trump going all in on his anti-Roe stance, making sure people know that he was the one who took down Roe. He is the reason we are where we are in the issue of reproductive rights right now and he is taking ownership of that.

Published: May 26, 2023 | Last Modified: Jun 7, 2023

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