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AB Leadership News Press Releases Thursday, May 16 2024

ICYMI: AB21 President Pat Dennis on Sirius XM

May 16, 2024

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century President Pat Dennis joined Sirius XM’s Julie Mason Show to discuss American Bridge’s recent ad launch and preview the radio ads already hitting the airwaves in key battleground states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Listen to the full interview here, and watch some of the ads hitting TV, digital, and radio here

Key Quotes:

  • “These ads, we’ve just found they’re really effective swing voters. It’s exactly what people need to be hearing about Trump. So, what we did is we went into the states, the key swing states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and we found real people who live in those states who are concerned about Donald Trump. And we didn’t write ad scripts or anything. We just sat down in front of a camera and talked about the issues that are important to them and what resulted is, you know, some pretty emotional, some really compelling. But what we found is just like effective ads about why we cannot have Donald Trump back in the presidency.”
  • “And you know, the interesting thing about our program is like, you know, we’re on radio, that’s a radio version of the ad. But folks who are on the fence here, the swing voters will also see Lori on TV, on digital, some direct mail. So this is really a full court press on these issues.”
  • “The other thing that was important out of that poll is, I think it really validates our decision to be focused on these sort of midwestern so-called, like ‘Blue Wall’ states. Like they are going to be the key to this election. And so that’s where we’re focusing a huge part of our efforts.”
  • “And like, one of the things that’s always stuck with me is like a lot of these voters think about politics total for four minutes per week, right? Like, for somebody like me, that is unthinkable. I think about politics for four minutes of four minutes. But like these people, you know, they have lives, they have real lives, they’re like, focused on their kids, they’re focused on paying the bills. So, you know, really it is on us to communicate the stakes of this election. So that’s what we’re focused on.”

Published: May 16, 2024 | Last Modified: May 22, 2024

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