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AB Leadership Press Releases Steve Bullock Monday, May 15 2023

ICYMI: AB21 Co-Chair Governor Steve Bullock on MSNBC to Discuss Disastrous KY-GOV Republican Primary

May 15, 2023

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair, Governor Steve Bullock, appeared on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation with Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss Kentucky’s messy Republican gubernatorial primary — election night is tomorrow — and the disastrous MAGA candidates in the race.


Key Quotes:

  • “I mean, the message is that we need to be putting out in places like Kentucky are exactly what Andy Beshear has been doing. That’s the reason why he has a 63% approval rating — 42% of Republicans even in a recent poll.”
  • “What Governor Beshear has done is he’s actually put his head down and he’s done the good work. And that’s everything from helping Kentuckians after natural disasters to making insulin more affordable.” 
  • “Kelly Craft doesn’t even know what the job is. She’s like, ‘I want to fire the education commissioner.’ She can’t even do that as governor. She has no clue. 
  • “If you want to know what they’re going to do, look at what they’ve done in the past. [Daniel] Cameron sure says, ‘I’m going to deal with the opioid crisis.’ Then he takes thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical lobbyists. He takes money from another group right before they sue. He’s consistently not demonstrated that he’s ready to do this job.” 
  • “Both of them are basically not unlike what Joe [Walsh] said earlier with DeSantis trying to be in the shadow of Trump, that’s all those two candidates are trying to do, is continue to maintain Trump’s shadow.” 
  • “Andy’s done a hell of a job as Attorney General and his first term as governor. And no matter who comes out of this primary this Tuesday, Governor Beshear is going to be winning this November.

Published: May 15, 2023

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