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Tuesday, Mar 19 2024

ICYMI: AB21 Co-Chair Gov. Steve Bullock on SiriusXM

Mar 19, 2024

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century co-chair, Governor Steve Bullock, joined SiriusXM’s Julie Mason Show to discuss the state of the 2024 election cycle, Donald Trump, and the harm that No Labels is trying to cause our democracy.

Listen to the full interview here.

Key Quotes: 

  • “Can you imagine a president basically inciting a riot and saying that you should hang the vice president? Look, from that perspective, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Mike Pence and others are saying, ‘We’ve seen this show before and democracy and the rule of law is far too important to protect.’ So, in some respects, it’s not that surprising, because we’ve never had someone like Donald Trump as our president and we don’t want to go back there.”
  • “I think two weeks ago we had the State of the Union address. And from that point on now President Biden has been saying, ‘Here’s the contrast.’ And the contrast is a woman’s right to make her own reproductive health decisions. The contrast is protecting democracy. The contrast is, you could go back – it wasn’t that long ago – when President Trump did $1.7 trillion of tax cuts to the wealthy, not looking out for the average folk. So all of these once we are actually saying, ‘Here’s what’s at stake come November,’ I think that President Biden, he’s traveled a lot more now. He’s actually making that contrast clear and that’s what we need to do.”
  • “This isn’t a referendum. This is a choice. And the choice is between President Biden and Donald Trump. We don’t want to go back there.”
  • “The stakes are so dang high at this November election. And it’s more than just policy, right? It is this crazy, quaint thing called representing democracy. So I think that people will continue to hammer on No Labels. I think they’ll continue to show that at the end of the day, this is a real meaningful effort to try to either forge bipartisanship or have a real choice. What it can do is actually just upset the apple cart when it comes to third parties in the November election.”

Published: Mar 19, 2024 | Last Modified: Mar 20, 2024

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