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ICYMI: AB21 Announces Nine-Figure Ad Blitz

Jan 13, 2024

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century announced a plan to spend $200 million — including $140 million in paid ads — over the course of the 2024 cycle, with $85 million already raised and committed to the program as of January 2024.

Read some of the coverage below:

Washington Post: Democratic group plans $140 million voter testimonial onslaught against Donald Trump

“The ads will focus Trump’s role in curtailing abortion access, his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, Republican plans for entitlement reform and Biden’s plans for the economy. Early spots include testimonials from a female union electrician in Wisconsin and a Pennsylvania woman who talks emotionally about what it meant to hang her U.S. flag outside her home on the day after the Jan. 6 attack.

‘American Bridge was a great strategic partner in 2020, and I’m glad they are on board again in 2024,’ said [Anita] Dunn, who worked as a senior adviser to the Biden-Harris campaign in 2020.”


HuffPost: Democratic Super PAC To Spend $200 Million Targeting Women Swing Voters

“American Bridge 21st Century likewise sought out, and identified hundreds of ‘messengers’ in exurban and rural parts of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, who would make suitable candidates to speak to their peers in paid advertising or grassroots organizing.

The group continues to have a robust ‘earned media’ operation. But American Bridge 21st Century’s 2024 spending plans are the culmination of an organizing and advertising strategy it has deployed successfully in the 2020 and 2022 election cycles.”


The Hill: Major Democratic group to spend $140M targeting women voters in 2024

“American Bridge intends to run paid programming, focus on opposition research and push back against third-party candidates who could increase the likelihood former President Trump wins back the White House.

The group said it already has raised $85 million as of this month.”


Bloomberg: Pro-Biden Super PAC Plans $140 Million Blitz of Anti-Trump Ads

“The Democratic super political action committee American Bridge 21st Century plans to spend $140 million on advertising in the 2024 presidential race with a message targeting Donald Trump on issues including abortion and democracy in battleground states.

The ad blitz is aimed at women in smaller towns in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, three states President Joe Biden won in 2020 over Trump and that will be crucial to his reelection.”


The Messenger: Top Dem Super PAC Spending $140 Million To Target Women Voters

“American Bridge 21st Century, a PAC supporting Democrats, will spend $200 million in the 2024 election, focusing its resources on winning women voters in swing states.

‘Another Donald Trump presidency would mean disaster for Americans who value their rights,” the PAC’s founder Bradley Beychok told The Hill. “We know exactly how to beat Donald Trump. We’ve done it before, and our paid media strategy is a big part of how we’re going to do it again.’”


Raw Story: Blue-collar women will remind voters why they rejected Trump last time in new ads

“‘American Bridge was a great strategic partner in 2020, and I’m glad they are on board again in 2024,’ said Anita Dunn, a White House senior adviser.

American Bridge is expected to have a $200 million budget in this election cycle, according to two sources, and will launch a targeted research effort against potential third-party challengers to the president, and most of their work will be aimed at northern swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

Published: Jan 13, 2024 | Last Modified: Jan 18, 2024

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