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Thursday, Nov 10 2011

Huffington Post: Mike McCalister, Florida GOP Senate Candidate, Brings Back Second Amendment Remedies

Nov 10, 2011

On November 10, 2011, the Huffington Post reported:

Two years and Angle’s tough election loss later, the idea remains in vogue in some conservative circles. Florida Senate candidate Mike McCalister, who is running against incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), offered a variation of the much-lampooned line during a speech before the Palms West Republican Club earlier this week.

“I get asked sometimes where do I stand on the Second and 10th Amendment, and I have a little saying,” he declared. “We need a sign at every harbor, every airport and every road entering our state: ‘You’re entering a 10th Amendment-owned and -operated state, and justice will be served with the Second Amendment.'”

McCalister’s comment, which was recorded by the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge, plays to the states’ rights dogma that dominates GOP politics…

Published: Nov 10, 2011

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