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Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker Wednesday, Apr 27 2022

Reminder: Herschel Walker’s Repeatedly Lied About His Business Record, Career

Apr 27, 2022

Today, Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker is out with his first TV spots, alluding to lies about his business record that the press has already thoroughly fact-checked. 

Here’s what you need to know about Walker’s mounting lies about his business record and accomplishments:

The Daily Beast: Herschel Walker Claims to Own Companies That Don’t Exist

  • “While the chasm between Walker’s vision and reality often appears staggering—and applies not just to business but to multiple dimensions of his personal life as well—he might be playing fast and loose with the concept of ‘ownership.’”

Associated Press: As Herschel Walker eyes Senate run, a turbulent past emerges

  • “More recently, Walker has made outsize claims about his business record. In repeated media interviews, Walker claimed his company employed hundreds of people, included a chicken processing division in Arkansas and grossed $70 million to $80 million annually in sales. However, when the company applied for a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan last year, it reported just eight employees. (It received about $182,000 in COVID-19 aid.)”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Herschel Walker’s business record reveals creditor lawsuits, exaggerated claims

  • “But an Atlanta Journal-Constitution review of court records and other public documents contradicts statements Walker has made about the number of people his companies employ, their size and the assets they own. The review also revealed a string of defaults, settlements and lawsuits alleging that Walker and his businesses owed millions of dollars in unpaid loans.”

CNN: GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been overstating his academic achievements for years

  • “Walker, who is a candidate in the Republican primary race for US Senate in Georgia, acknowledged in December that he did not graduate from Georgia after the Atlanta-Journal Constitution first reported that the false claim was listed on his campaign website. But a CNN KFile review found that Walker himself has been repeating the claim for years. Walker’s comments in 2017, and others made over the years, show the former football star repeatedly misrepresented his academic credentials.”

In the last month, alone, Walker has been caught in a long string of exaggerations that cast serious doubt on his integrity. And it seems likely there’s more to come. For example, Walker is still refusing to disclose the identity of his “consulting” clients.

Already, Herschel Walker has repeatedly shown Georgia voters that he can’t be trusted. But don’t just take it from us. Walker’s GOP primary opponents like Kelvin King likewise agree that Herschel Walker is “misleading the public.”


Published: Apr 27, 2022

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