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News Dave McCormick Friday, Apr 22 2022

Hedge Fund CEO David McCormick’s Latest “MAGA Makeover” Setback

Apr 22, 2022

Meanwhile: Wall Street billionaires are dropping millions to buy McCormick the GOP primary

Longtime Connecticut resident and hedge fund CEO turned Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate candidate David McCormicks attempted “MAGA makeover” is facing yet another setback, with new HuffPost reporting highlighting that McCormick mandated vaccines and in-person masking as a hedge fund CEO, even as he now tries to campaign as an anti-COVID mitigation measures culture warrior.

For months, the Philadelphia Inquirerthe New York TimesVicethe Daily Beast, among others, have highlighted how McCormick has disingenuously tried to shed his hedge fund CEO skin and run as a “MAGA” candidate. 

McCormick’s attempted rebrand has been so brazen that it caused one former coworker at McCormick’s hedge fund to ask Bloomberg Businessweek“[I]s the real Dave McCormick a chameleon who’ll be whatever he needs to be to succeed?”

Luckily, there is one simple way to see who the real David McCormick is, and who he is running for, as a U.S. Senate candidates — his campaign finance filings, and those of the groups supporting his candidacy:

Wall Street Journal: Wall Street Titans Support One of Their Own, David McCormick, in Senate Bid

CNBC: ​​Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary draws backing from some of Wall Street’s biggest billionaires, making it one of the most expensive midterm races

Bloomberg: David McCormick Gets Flood of Goldman Sachs Cash in MAGA-Fueled Senate Race

For all of McCormick’s low-integrity and half-hearted “chameleon” rebrand efforts, he is — at the end of the day — a candidate by and for Wall Street. 


Published: Apr 22, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 7, 2024

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