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News Wednesday, Jan 27 2016

Have You Seen Me? Ro-Jo's No-Go (To Work) Problem

Jan 27, 2016

Have You Seen Me -- Ron Johnson

“Ron Johnson comes under fire for being MIA at [Homeland Security] committee hearings in first four years,” read yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel headline.

Not ideal for a vulnerable Senator running on his national security “expertise.”

Key Points:

In his first four years in office, Johnson missed 60% of the hearings held by the homeland security committee and the subcommittees to which he was assigned.

Among the hearings Johnson missed were one on homegrown terrorism, one on terrorist travel 10 years after 9-11 and three on border security. On at least two occasions in 2011, Johnson made it to fundraisers on the same day he missed a homeland security hearing.

Read more from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Published: Jan 27, 2016

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