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News Billy Long Vicky Hartzler Friday, Nov 19 2021

Hartzler and Long Vote Against Tax Cuts, Lower Health Care Costs

Nov 19, 2021

Today, Missouri U.S. Senate candidates and U.S. Reps. Vicky Hartzler and Billy Long voted against the Build Back Better Act — a vote against popular policy priorities for voters across the political spectrum, including:

  • Tax cuts for families, with an extension of the expanded child tax credit;
  • Job creation and boosting domestic manufacturing economies;
  • Strengthening Medicare to include hearing coverage for retirees;
  • Lowering health care costs and insurance premiums;
  • Capping seniors’ out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs;
  • Critical investments in combating climate change; and
  • Letting Medicare negotiate lower prescription drug prices.

And all of that, without adding to inflationary pressures or raising taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000-a-year — because Build Back Better instead makes sure that big corporations and the richest Americans start paying their fair share in taxes.

Hartzler and Long previously opposed the expanded child tax credit under the American Rescue Plan. And Hartzler and Long likewise voted against the bipartisan infrastructure deal that is expected to create jobs and invest billions in Missouri roads, bridges, water infrastructure, and internet access.


Published: Nov 19, 2021

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