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News Monday, Aug 24 2015

Gov. Waffler Goes Silent On Opposition To 14th Amendment-Guaranteed Citizenship

Aug 24, 2015

Once thought to be in the driver seat of the GOP clown car, Scott Waffler — er, Walker — certainly isn’t in control at this point.

Just this Monday, Walker sprinted to the right on immigration and explicitly called for ending birthright citizenship, taking a cue from the most prolific immigration wonk in conservative politics: right wing xenophobe and GOP front runner Donald Trump. Not that it’s something that can be simply and unilaterally “ended,” as it’s guaranteed by the 14th Amendment — but the Waffler has never been one for nuance.

Now, though, the Worldly Waffler is dancing around the issue and refusing to take a position, even though he called for ending birthright citizenship just four days ago. As Politico writes, “Scott Walker just can’t make up his mind on birthright citizenship.”

So, after taking a strong position on the issue, Walker says he’s “not taking a position one way or the other.”

But that’s absolute nonsense: Unless the Waffler comes out forcefully in support of birthright citizenship — which is constitutionally guaranteed, remember — it’s safe to assume he remains against it.

Not wanting to talk about it doesn’t change the fact that he’s against it. If anything, his reluctance to weigh in is further confirmation of his opposition.


Published: Aug 24, 2015

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