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News Tuesday, Dec 8 2015

GOP: The Party Of Trump & The Conservative Fringe, With Not A Profile In Courage To Be Found

Dec 08, 2015

Donald Trump’s divisive, xenophobic rhetoric tonight has prompted a display of how the leaders of the GOP are unwilling to step up and prove themselves to be a profile in courage, but instead writing the book deferring to and embracing the far right and conservative fringe.


Marco Rubio was silent initially, failing to comment, much less condemn Trump’s fearmongering before finally tepidly criticizing his comments.


Marco Rubio is still silent, failing to comment, much less condemn Trump’s fearmongering.


Speaker Paul Ryan has “no comment” on Trump’s hate speech.


Ted Cruz won’t say if Trump is wrong, instead arguing he’s going to “focus on his own language.”


Jeb Bush thinks he’s talking the talk on Trump’s positions, but his own position of wanting to screen refugees by religion and only bring in Christians tells a different story.


Instead of condemning Trump, Rand Paul’s campaign highlighted a bill he introduced.


In just 48 hours, the RNC will stand by Trump when they hold a fundraiser with him along with Chairman Reince Priebus, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Jeb Bush.


Does each GOP candidate stand by their signed pledge to support Trump if he is the Republican nominee? Will any GOP leader prove to be a profile in courage and step up and forcefully condemn Trump’s dangerous and divisive rhetoric?

Published: Dec 8, 2015

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