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News Thursday, Mar 31 2016

GOP "Silent" As Trump Admits The Party's Extreme Anti-Women's Health Agenda

Mar 31, 2016

Donald Trump explicitly verbalized decades of Republican anti-choice dog whistles yesterday when he abhorrently endorsed not just overturning Roe v. Wade and banning abortion, but also the extreme idea that there “has to be some form of punishment” for women seeking abortions.

It was shocking to hear Trump confess the Republican agenda outright, but his more honest brand of rhetoric is fully compatible with the anti-choice and anti-women’s health policies that Republicans — including John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and just about any GOP senator you can think of — have been advocating for years.

That’s why the GOP was “silent” yesterday.

Trump wasn’t artful in his characterization of his and the Republican Party’s extreme, anti-women’s health platform, but there’s no denying Republicans agree with Trump’s view that women shouldn’t have the autonomy to make their own health decisions or access to a full range of health care options.

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Published: Mar 31, 2016

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