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News Tuesday, Mar 1 2016

GOP Senate 2016ers Are The Party Of Trump

Mar 01, 2016

On Super TuesdayAmerican Bridge 21st Century highlights the GOP Senate 2016ers support for Donald Trump. Whether it’s pledging their support, finding Trump entertaining, or scoring some campaign cash through Trump’s face, the GOP has not just embraced the Republican front-runner — they’ve defined what it means to be the #PartyOfTrump. 

“Today wouldn’t be complete without remembering the 2016 Senate GOPers and their support of the GOP front-runner. The #PartyOfTrump has not only supported, but cashed in on Trump’s image despite his hateful and incendiary rhetoric,” said American Bridge 21st Century Press Secretary Katie Lewallen. “The GOP Senators seeking re-election and Congressman Joe Heck have proudly worn the Tea Party banner, winning election or reelection in 2010, and now they’re joining forces to spread their divisive policies and message from the Silver State to the Granite State.” 

Read more comments by Republican senators and senate candidates in support of Trump:

  • Arkansas Senator John Boozman and other NRSC targets benefited from the sell of Trump koozies.

Published: Mar 1, 2016

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