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Thursday, Jan 28 2016

GOP Offers Same Tired And Failed Ideas On Earned Benefits

Jan 28, 2016

Among Iowa caucus goers, nine out of ten believe that presidential contenders need to have a comprehensive plan for the future of Social Security, according to an AARP survey. But when it comes to earned benefits, all of the Republican presidential candidates have nothing to offer but the same tired and failed ideas: raise the retirement age and partially voucherize Medicare.


Instead of offering a real solution to the problem at hand, every Republican is falling back on what their party has been failing with for years.


Why? Because they care more about placating big donors like the Koch brothers than protecting the Iowans and millions of American that rely on Social Security and Medicare to make ends meet.


Here’s how Republicans on stage would weaken Social Security and Medicare:


Published: Jan 28, 2016

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