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Thursday, Jan 14 2016

GOP Fight Club: More Punches, Less Policy

Jan 14, 2016

The Republicans’ days of avoiding picking fights are long over, and tonight’s GOP debate in North Charleston will be no different. As predicted, the fight for the Republican nomination has devolved into a political blood bath. When candidates aren’t slinging red meat to please their party’s extreme base, they’re ripping each other to shreds.

Donald Trump is attacking Ted Cruz’s citizenship and immigration record. Cruz is suggesting Trump is following Democrats’ orders. Jeb Bush and Cruz are attacking Marco Rubio’s immigration flip-flopping. Rubio is attacking Cruz’s foreign policy and Chris Christie’s dismal record as governor of New Jersey. Everyone is laughing at Rubio’s high-heeled booties. This is no one-on-one fight.

The obsessive infighting, which has ignited to a new level this cycle, is damaging to the national party and down-ballot candidates, but none of the presidential candidates seem to care. No one thought these debates could get less substantive, but as candidates ramp up their name-calling and fearmongering, their out-of-touch policy proposals are falling by the wayside. 

Tonight in North Charleston, Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Christie, Bush and John Kasich will all be throwing punches — likely, knocking out themselves along the way. 

Watch American Bridge’s new video — Rumble of Grumbles: Watch the GOP KO Themselves:

Published: Jan 14, 2016

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