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News Thursday, Mar 3 2016

GOP Candidates On Trump: If You Can’t Beat Him, Join Him

Mar 03, 2016

As the Republican Party careens full speed towards a Donald Trump nomination, tonight should serve as a reminder that every single candidate on stage has pledged his support for Donald Trump should he be the Republican nominee.

The race may have gotten nasty over the past few weeks, with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hurling insults and accusations at Trump, but it’s all talk from the GOP as the candidates on stage stick to their pledge to support Trump as the GOP nominee.

Rubio, Cruz, and the rest of the GOP have been mirroring Trump’s hateful rhetoric and outlandish policy proposals for months now. But if there was ever any doubt that the Republican Party truly is the Party of Trump, there’s nothing more telling than their promise to support Trump as the Republican nominee.

The presidential candidates aren’t alone either — check out what the GOP 2016ers have said in support of Trump:

  • Arkansas Senator John Boozman and other NRSC targets benefited from the sell of Trump koozies.

Published: Mar 3, 2016

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