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News Wednesday, Sep 30 2015

GOP Avoids Another Shutdown …For Now

Sep 30, 2015

When Republicans took control of Congress nine months ago, they promised an end to the divisions, intra-party bickering, and governing crisis to crisis. But as the GOP took us to the brink of a government shutdown — this time over defunding Planned Parenthood — it’s no surprise their promises don’t hold water. With just hours to spare, Republicans appear to have temporarily avoided another shutdown under their watch, but that’s all it is, temporary.
To the dismay of the Tortilla Coast wing of the GOP, John Boehner’s departure allowed for a clean CR that will fund the government until December, but what happens when we reach that deadline?
In the House, as the new GOP leadership class takes shape, they’ll face hurdle after hurdle through the fall and be forced to appease the demands of the far-right of their party. And with plenty of senators focused on advancing their presidential ambitions with national headlines — confidence in the GOP’s ability to govern is shaky at best.

Published: Sep 30, 2015

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