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Thursday, May 14 2015

Fourth Time's a Charm? No One's Buying Jeb's Iraq War Shifts

May 14, 2015

After four days and four different answers from Jeb Bush on the Iraq War, no one’s buying Jeb’s Iraq War “shifts.” It’s like he’s not related to the president who made that decision…or hasn’t heard about it’s disastrous consequences… or hasn’t been thinking about running for president for years. His team wants you to think he’s unprepared, but he’s not: Jeb is unprincipled and no one is buying his Iraq war “shifts.”

Watch the video here.

From the Washington Post:

After a week of painfully struggling to talk about the war in Iraq started by his brother, Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said definitively here Thursday that he would not have invaded that country based on the intelligence failures that now are known.

Washington Post: Jeb Bush now says, ‘I would not have gone into Iraq’




Published: May 14, 2015

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