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News Wednesday, Mar 15 2017

Flake Under Fire: Republicans, Democrats, Arizona Voters All Hate Jeff Flake

Mar 15, 2017

Jeff Flake is under fire from all sides: Republicans, Democrats, and Arizona voters agree that Senator Flake is doing a bad job, making his re-election fight daunting just as it begins. From his wishy-washy stance on the GOP’s disastrous health care plan, to conservatives questioning his right-wing credentials, to dodging his constituent’s calls for town hall meetings, one thing is clear: if Jeff Flake wants a friend in politics, he’d better buy a dog.

One of the few supporters going to bat for Flake’s re-election is George W. Bush — hated by his party’s base for refusing to support Donald Trump last November. Meanwhile, Flake’s 2018 hopes could find themselves “in the crosshairs of both President Donald Trump and advocacy groups funded by the president’s supporters.”

News outlets from Arizona to Washington have noted the significant challenges Jeff Flake faces going into his re-election fight. Here are just a few highlights:

Queen Creek Independent: Flake likely to face challenges from all sides, vows to be ready

The Arizona Republic’s Philip Boas writes, Flake’s “poll numbers are lackluster, his war chest depleted and he will almost certainly face a bruising challenge in his primary election.”

KPNX: Arizonans Oppose GOP’s Obamacare Replacement, Poll Shows

KTAR: Jeff Flake’s 2018 re-election bid could meet challenge from Trump, advocacy groups

Arizona Capitol Times: 2018 Fight for Flake’s seat in the making

Roll Call: Is Jeff Flake the GOP Senator Most Vulnerable in a Primary?

“To many GOP officials, no Republican senator is more vulnerable in a primary next year than Flake…[who] is less popular among likely GOP primary voters in Arizona than even John McCain, who for years has had a famously rocky relationship with his party’s base. The poll showed almost as many primary voters disliked Flake as liked him.”

Published: Mar 15, 2017

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