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Thursday, Feb 16 2017

Flake Comes Out Against an Independent Investigation on Trump’s Russia Ties

Feb 16, 2017

FLAKE: “I don’t think a special committee is needed. I think the standing committees can do it just fine.”

FLAKE: “I hope the White House can move ahead as well and put this behind them. It sounds like they have… I think they’re going to put it behind them.”

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Jeff Flake said there is no need for an independent investigation into Donald Trump’s troubling ties to Russia. The American people deserve the answers that can only come from an independent, non-partisan investigation that fearlessly follows the facts about the Trump campaign and administration’s ties to Russia.

Trump’s ties to Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin have been causing a major headache for Republicans across the country, but Flake may be one of the only politicians who thinks the Trump administration has “put this behind them.”

The American people are calling on Congress to launch an investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Jeff Flake needs to heed that call and put the security of our country ahead of blind partisanship.

Watch the video here.

Check the transcript:

TAPPER: Do you think that this needs to be explored by the senate intelligence committee, by an independent counsel, by a select committee?

FLAKE: My understanding is the Senate is already looking into it, the intelligence committee. I don’t think a special committee is needed. I think the standing committees can do it just fine.

TAPPER: I have to ask you, Senator, whether it’s intelligence officials a few weeks ago briefing the president on possibly compromising information that the Russians claim to have on him, or this Flynn call to the Russian ambassador and his subsequent lies about it, or the new story, the communications with Russian operatives by senior staffers, senior advisor of the trump campaign, do you ever stop and say to yourself what is going on here?

FLAKE: We have an agenda in congress to get through in terms of regulations. We’re working with the administration on that. We’ve got Obamacare to deal with. We’ve got tax policy. So, we have a full agenda and, so, we’re anxious to get working on that. Frankly, we are moving ahead in Congress. So, I hope the White House can move ahead as well and put this behind them. it sounds like they have. I think it was wise to seek the resignation of Mr. Flynn, and he was wise to offer it. So, I’m glad they moved forward.

TAPPER: Well, I mean, you say that it’s behind them. but the head of u.s. special operations commander, army general Raymond tony Thomas said Tuesday that in his view the U.S. government, “Seems to be in unbelievable turmoil, I hope they sort it out soon because we are a nation at war. as a commander I’m concerned our government be as stable as possible.” I mean, for a sitting general to say such a thing publicly that the government is in turmoil and he’s worried about how it’s going to affect his ability to fight adversaries such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, that’s not putting it behind them.

FLAKE: Well, I hope — there are other issues obviously, and the house and the senate will look into that. but the white house hopefully can move forward because these challenges don’t stop just because the White House is having some issues. So, I think they’re going to put it behind them. I hope they do. We all wish for success there. And we need a partner to work with on a lot of these issues obviously. So, we’re hoping that we can move ahead.

Published: Feb 16, 2017

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