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News Friday, Mar 3 2017

Five Facts We Learned Yesterday, Five More Questions For Trump

Mar 03, 2017

Yesterday, several moving pieces related to Donald Trump’s scandalous ties to Russia came to a head. Here is a quick rundown of where we stand and what the public still deserves to know.

What We Know
1. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal is not good enough because the investigation will still be carried out within the Department of Justice. There must be a special prosecutor to ensure an independent investigation takes occurs.

2. The White House has been lying about contact between the Trump campaign and Russia. In reality, many Trump campaign officials – including advisers Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Carter Page, and JD Gordon – met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak either during the Trump campaign or transition.

3. The Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was apparently smuggled into Trump Tower for his meeting with Flynn and Kushner.

4. JD Gordon was one of the Trump aides who changed the GOP platform to remove anti-Russian language about Ukraine.

5. It is hypocritical for Jeff Sessions to merely recuse from Trump campaign investigation because he has called for a special prosecutor in the past.

What’s Next
1. Did Donald Trump meet with any representative of the Russian government during the campaign or transition?

2. When did Trump learn each of the aides listed above met with the Russian ambassador? Did he receive a read out of those meetings at the time?

3. Did Trump instruct JD Gordon to change the GOP platform to reflect Kremlin talking points as CNN reported last night?

4. Who will be the next Trump campaign or transition aide found to have met with Russian representatives?

5. What blackmail does Putin hold over Donald Trump that his Administration is going to the end of the earth to cover up secret meetings with Russian officials?

Published: Mar 3, 2017

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