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Thursday, Apr 27 2017

First 100 Days: Trump’s Economy Puts Trump First, Sells Out American Workers

Apr 27, 2017

President Donald Trump is selling out American working people. One hundred days into Trump’s presidency, we’re still waiting on the self-described “greatest jobs president that God ever created” to put forth a comprehensive plan to create American jobs. 
The “Contract with the American Voter” – the 100-day policy agenda Trump outlined during the campaign – promised a $1 trillion infrastructure package within his first 100 days in office. It’s yet another Trump failure – and yet another broken promise: Trump’s budget actually cuts infrastructure spending.

Trump’s latest ruse is his tax plan, which will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working people fighting hard to get ahead. Among other things, Trump’s plan: 

  • Slashes tax rates on corporations (including the Trump Organization, Trump’s own privately held company);
  • Eliminates the estate tax (so the wealthiest few — including Trump — can pass along tens of millions to his kids without paying their fair share); and
  • Cuts the Alternative Minimum Tax — without which Trump could’ve conveniently avoided $31 million in taxes (on one of the only tax returns of his we’ve seen).

We know Trump’s tax plan will help him and the Wall Street and hedge fund billionaires who helped him draft it. But we can’t know how much it’ll help him until he releases his tax returns – which he continues to refuse to do, breaking a tradition that dates back to President Richard Nixon’s infamous “I’m not a crook” press conference.

That’s our new unprecedented, unprincipled, and undemocratic status quo: We know with certainty that President Trump is selling out everyday Americans while he gets even richer – but we can’t even say for sure how badly he’s robbing us blind.

The truth is that Donald Trump has done nothing to create jobs since he took office, but everything to take credit for job deals he had nothing to do with. And in doing so, Trump forgets and disrespects the tens of thousands of American working people affected by announced layoffs since he took office – over 75,100 to-date.

Impact of announced layoffs & plant closings since Trump Inauguration (via

  • Nationwide: 75,142
  • Ohio: 6,688
  • Michigan: 3,519
  • Indiana: 3,265
  • Florida: 4,415
  • Georgia: 2,802
  • New Jersey: 3,172
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Published: Apr 27, 2017

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