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News Wednesday, Aug 23 2017

Every Single GOP Congressman Running for Senate Fails to Hold a Town Hall

Aug 23, 2017

Republican House members running for Senate — and those who are considering it — are probably relieved that the August recess is coming to an end. After all, they’ve already spent the last three weeks dodging their constituents and failing to hold town halls.

Reps. Lou Barletta (PA-11), Evan Jenkins (WV-03), Barbara Comstock (VA-10), Luke Messer (IN-06), Todd Rokita (IN-04), and Kevin Cramer (ND-AL) have robbed their constituents of the chance to express their thoughts and concerns to their representatives. They have a responsibility to listen to their constituents, but these six Republicans are putting their political ambition ahead of doing their jobs.

“Six Republican members of Congress are looking for a promotion, but instead of doing their job they are more concerned with promoting their personal political ambition,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Hearing from your voters — whether you like what they say or not — is part of the job. If these spineless politicians are too scared to meet with their constituents, they are not qualified to join the U.S. Senate. There are 12 days left before Congress comes back to Washington, but don’t hold your breath any of these self-interested career politicians will do the right thing. They’re too scared.”

For more information about the scared Republican members of Congress who are failing to do a town hall, visit American Bridge’s

Published: Aug 23, 2017

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