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News Thursday, Mar 30 2017

Ed Gillespie Admits He Shares Principles With Corey Stewart

Mar 30, 2017

This week, when asked how he’d unify his party in the wake of political attacks from his Republican primary opponents, Ed Gillespie said, “I’m running on conservative principles that we share.” Ed Gillespie knows exactly what he’s doing. From opposing women’s control over their own health care to supporting laws that violate civil liberties and encourage racial profiling, Gillespie and Corey Stewart are two peas in a pod.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement, “Ed Gillespie is fooling no one. Gillespie and Stewart shares the same dangerously divisive policies that would pit Virginians against each other. Virginians deserve a governor that will work on behalf of everyone, not promote hateful policies that will make their lives harder.”

GILLESPIE: “Well I think people realize the stakes of this election are very, very high. I have not, uh, you know launched any of the kinds of attacks against my opponents in this primary contest that – certainly that have been launched against me and I respect that. I understand the nature of the game and when you look at the numbers, you can see why those attacks are coming my way and I’m not new at this. I understand that. But I will be able to bring together our party and unify us, uh, because one, I’m running on conservative principles we share and policies that will get Virginia moving forward.”  [LISTEN HERE]

Gillespie and Stewart Agree On Limiting Women’s Control Over Their Own Health Care
Stewart: “If Someone Asks You A Direct Question Like Would You Sign 20 Week Abortion Bill ‘Yes Or No’, My Answer Was Simple, ‘Yes’.” [Corey Stewart, Fredericksburg Campaign Kickoff, Fredericksburg, VA, 1/28/17]

Gillespie: “It’s a sin, according to our faith, to — you know, to have abortion-inducing pills or sterilization procedures or contraception.” [CNN, 3/18/12]

Gillespie and Stewart Agree On Hard-Line Immigration Rules
Stewart Took Credit for Inspiring Hard-Line Immigration Rules in Arizona: “Stewart gained national attention in 2007 when he led Prince William County to adopt one of the harshest policies of any municipality toward illegal immigrants. At his urging, Prince William authorized police officers to check the immigration status of anyone they detained. After a public uproar, the county watered down the policy so that an immigration check would be done only after an arrest…  ‘Hey, Prince William County was Arizona before Arizona was Arizona,’ he said, taking credit for inspiring the hard-line approach later adopted in that Southwestern border state.”  [Washington Post, 6/9/2016]

Gillespie Defended Romney’s Support For Arizona Immigration Law That Allowed The State To Pull Over People And Ask For Their Citizenship Papers. “GILLESPIE: The federal law as it is now, as I understand it, says that you have to be able to demonstrate your citizenship if stopped for violation. I believe — I could be wrong. But regardless, the Arizona is one that Governor Romney supports.” [Fox News, 4/15/12]

Published: Mar 30, 2017

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